Why is oral hygiene important? How can one maintain good oral hygiene?

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Why is oral hygiene important? How can one maintain good oral hygiene?

  • January 30, 2021


Children are taught in the early years of their lives how to maintain proper dental hygiene. But sometimes, the children are not able to take care of the oral hygiene. Parents could not either take care of the same because of the busy schedule. In that case, if your child has ended up making his mouth hygiene considerably poor, then you should visit a Dentist in Ludhiana. A Dental Clinic in Ludhiana makes use of effective techniques and procedures to maintain oral hygiene.

Why is the maintenance of good oral hygiene important?

Maintenance of good oral hygiene is important because it highly affects our quality of life and emergence accompanied by social reputation. It is evident that if one is not maintaining considerable oral hygiene, one of the adverse effects of that is the foul smell that will be experienced from the mouth of that particular individual.

What does your dental team consist of?

Your dental team consists of the following indispensable professionals:

  • Dentist
  • Dental hygienist

How many kinds of dental specialists are there?

The dental specialist is classified into the following mentioned professionals:

  • Periodontitis
  • Orthodontist
  • Oral Surgeons
  • Maxillofacial Surgeons

Which adverse effects will be experienced by the individual who is not maintaining good oral hygiene?

Subsequent adverse effects are most customary to be experienced by the patient of poor oral hygiene:

  • One may encounter variegated tooth problems like:
  • Diseased tooth
  • Crooked tooth
  • Missing tooth
  • Even the jaw of the patient is also subjective to poor oral hygiene. You may find chewing food difficult. So keeping in mind the adverse effects, one should not compromise with oral hygiene. Otherwise, the need of taking up the expensive corrective stratagem will be aroused.
  • Cavities are a common phenomenon. It must happen in case of poor oral hygiene. If one is afflicted with the cavity problem, you may get refrained from consuming your favorite food and beverages. Cavities are the ones that will surely drag you to the pain of tooth decay.
  • One can also get afflicted with serious gum disease. Gum disease sometimes leads to heart disease and many respiratory issues.

How should one maintain good oral hygiene?

One can maintain good oral hygiene by keeping into account the following measures:

  • Before anything else, one should not do any negligence in brushing. If it is instructed that b brushing has to be done twice a day, then it should be.
  • One should rinse the mouth with water after intaking meals. It will help your mouth to get refrained from the harmful bacteria.