Wisdom Tooth Impaction


Your dentist tells you that you need to get wisdom teeth removed. The procedure will be done by the oral surgeon in the office. The treatment is going to take a few days for you to heal and you will feel normal.

What is the need to take wisdom teeth out?

Wisdom teeth are the 3rd set of molars in the back of the mouth. They come between the edges of 17 and 25. The problem is spotted on X-rays. Most people have them removed because of one of the following reasons:

  • The teeth are impacted because they’re so far back in your mouth. This makes it difficult for the wisdom teeth to come in normally. They can get trapped in the gums or jaw bones which can prove harmful. 
  • They come in the wrong angle due to which they press against the teeth.
  • You do not have space for an extra set of molars because your mouth is extremely big.
  • You have gum disease or cavities. You may not be able to reach wisdom teeth with the use of dental floss or toothbrush.  

What happens before surgery?

Before surgery, you will meet the oral surgeon who is going to make you understand the process. At this point make sure to ask the doctor the following questions:

  • Talk about any health issues you have.
  • Make sure to inform the doctor about all the medications you are taking. 
  • If you have any doubts about the surgery then ask them right away.
  • You can even discuss the anesthesia you will get. 
  • Make sure that you take off from work or school to undergo the surgery and make sure that you do rest afterward properly. If you have a child or pet then get help to take care of them. 

What happens during surgery?

The surgery takes around 45 minutes or less. You will be given one of the types of anesthesia so that you do not feel pain during the removal:

  • Local :  Your mouth will be numb by a shot of local anesthesia such as novocaine, lidocaine, or bupivacaine. You are going to feel normal again after some time.
  • IV sedation : The doctor will numb the mouth and drugs are given through a vein in the arm so that you do not feel any pain. You may be asleep during the entire surgery.
  • General : You’ll either get drugs through a vein or breathe gas through a mask. YOu are going to sleep the entire time and might wake one hour following the surgery.

What do you need to avoid after surgery?

  • Make sure you do not use a straw. If you suck then the blood clots get loose which helps the mouth to heal.
  • Avoid rinsing the mouth harshly. You might use salt water to rinse gently but make sure to consult the doctor. 
  • Do not smoke as it slows down the healing.
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