Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Treatment

At our clinic, we provide the patients with home bleaching options who want to get a whiter shade for their teeth. Bleaching the teeth in the clinic will take around 40 minutes whereas the home bleach which is used by the patients with the custom made tray made to fit the teeth which are used at night.

The duration of the tray to be kept in the mouth is based on the bleach strength. Bleaching is not going to keep the teeth permanently white. People who want to have better results can use the option of veneers.

If you are conscious about your smile then we have the tooth whitening treatment which can give you immediate and effective results. There are 2 ways to whiten teeth. You can opt for bleaching trays which are made by the dentist and then use bleaching gels till the time you are satisfied with the final results.

You can visit the dentist to get the whitening sessions to solve the problem. This is going to help you get the perfect smile you have always dreamt of.


What is Zoom2 Teeth Whitening?

If you are looking for something dramatic and fast then the Zoom2 Teeth whitening system is the best option. It takes 45 minutes and the procedure is extremely safe. The dentist will design it according to your need and the specially designed light activates the Zoom.

The whitening gel is used to break down the stains on the teeth to put the sparkle back in the smile. Additionally, this results in 67 percent less sensitivity as compared to the previous Zoom system. So, this is a bleaching process that helps to light the enamel and dentin discoloration.

Just make sure that you consult the best dentist. The experienced and skilled dentist makes sure the procedure is done with precision and the patient should get the results they are looking for.

*The procedure is not recommended for pregnant women and children below the age of 13.

How long do the results last?

You need to follow some simple post-whitening care instructions which help to lighten the teeth as compared to it was before. To make sure your teeth look the best you should do brushing and flossing 2 times a day. The dentist will help you understand how frequently you need to get regular dental cleanings and when you should visit for touch-ups.

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