Dental Implants in Ludhiana, Punjab


Dental Implants In Ludhiana, Punjab, These guides give you a complete understanding of every aspect of the dental implants and about the treatment. Having a wide smile and laughing louder to show the white teeth is the wish for everyone. Let’s understand the treatment in detail. 

What is the dental implant?

The full mouth dental implant is the procedure that replaced the entire set of teeth from the lower jaw, upper jaw, or both. A set of implants is anchored, and prostheses are loaded to bring back the strength, and the natural teeth look will be there. You can choose to go with the replacement of the lower arch, upper arch, or full mouth dental implant. The dentist can give you dental implants without the need for a bone graft or sinus lift. 

How dental implants are made?

The dental implant is made by using pure titanium and this allows the new bone cells to have a place to grow. The implants get firmly locked in place with the newly formed bone. This method is referred to as ‘Osseointegration’.

What are the latest technological advancements in Dental Implant?

With the latest technology of dental implants, the patient needs less time at the dental office. Earlier patients need to wait months to get the tooth replaced. Fortunately, the advancement in medical science has helped to undergo the treatment with just a few fingertips. Some of the notable dental implants techniques are:

  • Use of ICAT Machine   
  • Mini Implants
    • Mini Implants are a new wave in the dental implant world. The mini implants are placed in the gums. The cost of mini implants is less as compared to traditional dental implants. Healing takes less time, and the pain is minimal. Following the treatment, patients can wear the replacement teeth. 
    • If you have dentures, there is no need for replacement as they can be fitted to the post. This dental implant technique can be used for anchoring crowns and bridges. 
  • Bone and Tissue Regeneration

Earlier, when the tooth gets pulled, the patient needs to wait till the time healing is complete. In the waiting time, teeth can get shifted, and scar tissue was formed. The dentist uses tricalcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite material for building muscles in the jawbone. This method is referred to as ‘Bone and Tissue regeneration’. By doing it prepares the area for the extracted tooth area for implantation. 

  • Flapless Surgical Technique

The flapless surgical technique is used for patients with the insufficient bone for implantation. The implants are placed through the mucosal tissues without showing the flaps. By doing so, tissue loss is minimized. This method is less traumatic as compared to traditional methods. 

Considering the dental implant cost

To put it simply there are different factors which you need to consider. While trying to consider the dental implant cost, here the following questions which you need to consider:

  • What is the difference between the cost of a full mouth dental implant in India Vs the US?
  • How is the cost estimation for dental implants?
  • What are the procedures and types of full mouth dental implants?
  • Despite the huge travel cost, can you get the mouth dental implant under your budget? 
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