Pediatric Dental Care

When should I schedule my child’s first dental visit?

The first dental visit for your child should be scheduled when their first tooth erupts. Having cavities is not related to how old the child is, but it is dependent on how many teeth they have. Our dentist will look for abnormalities, a child’s diet, congenital dental defects, and if they have dental habits like prolonged pacifier use and thumb sucking. Your child’s teeth and gums are examined to look for tooth decay and check the progress of permanent teeth. 

The dentist will let you know how to clean your child’s teeth. When you bring your child from an early age for a regular dental visit, it will reduce anxiety and fear from their mind. 

Early Childhood tooth decay

What causes tooth decay?

Several specific types of bacteria that live on the teeth can lead to tooth decay. When sugar is consumed, bacteria feed on sugar and lead to acid development that gets dissolved in the teeth and triggers tooth infection. It is known as tooth decay. 

What is early childhood tooth decay?

Tooth decay is common in babies who go to bed with a milk bottle, juice, or formula. The sugar present in any of the liquid substances stays in contact with the teeth during the night that can lead to tooth decay quickly. Given below are some quick tips to avoid tooth decay:

  • Avoid giving your child a bottle of milk or juice at night.
  • Avoid your child walking around with a milk or juice bottle as a pacifier.
  • Don’t dip your child’s pacifier in honey or sugar.
  • Start to teach your child to drink from a cup at 6 months. Stop using the bottle by 12 or 14 months. 

How to make tooth brushing a habit?

Given below are some of the tips to make your child get used to regular tooth brushing:

  • You should keep a few stashes of their favorite characters’ toothbrushes and let them decide which one they want. It gives them the feeling they have control over the situation. 
  • Make sure everyone brushes at the same time, or you can make this a family ritual. 
  • You should read some children’s books on brushing. 
  • Let them brush on their own first and after which help them. 

Advice for parents by Soni Dental Hospital Dentist

It is important to establish a good oral care regime with your child early. You should serve as a good role model for them and visit dental appointments regularly with them. 

If your child has poor oral habits then work with them to make changes. It is easier to modify bad habits at an early age. Keep in mind, a healthy smile and good breath can lead to increased self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Soni Dental main goal is to provide a safe environment and build the trust of our patients. That’s why we provide our patients with a hygienic environment, and the parents can watch their child during the appointment.

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