Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges Treatment: Overview

Dental Bridges treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab, India: A bridge is a custom-made replacement tooth or teeth which fills the place where the person has missing teeth. The bridges help to restore the bite and help to keep the natural shape of your face. Your dentist can tell you which type of bridge can help to address the issues you are having. 

What is the need for a dental bridge?

A missing tooth is a serious matter as they are made to work together. If a person loses a tooth then nearby teeth can tilt or drift into space. The teeth present in the opposite jaw may also shift down or up in the empty space. This can affect the bite and more stress is put on the teeth along with jaw points which ultimately leads to excess pain and damage. 

Teeth that are drifted or tipped are extremely difficult to clean. This increases the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. If the tooth is missing the bone can shrink. If this situation happens, then it changes the way the jawbone gets to support the cheeks and lips. With time, this problem can make your look older. 

The problem of missing tooth

  • To replace a missing tooth with a conventional 3-unit bridge, teeth that are next to the gap are reduced. 
  • Over the prepared teeth, the custom-made bridge is placed by the dentist. 
  • Once the necessary adjustments are made, the bridge is placed over the prepared teeth. 

How does the Soni dental hospital Dentist fix the bridge in its place?

A fixed bridge means that the dentist uses existing natural teeth on both sides of the missing teeth which helps to hold the bridge in its place. The patient needs to visit more than once to get this done correctly. Here’s what happens during the dental visit:

  • Firstly, the dentist prepares the teeth on both sides of the gap and the bridge will be attached to the teeth. 
  • The dentist will take the teeth impression or teeth image along with space. All this information is sent to the dental lab where lab technicians follow the instructions and prepare the bridge. 
  • Till the time the bridge is made the dentist will place a temporary bridge to protect the prepared teeth while you wait to get the permanent bridge. 
  • Once the permanent bridge is ready, the dentist gets it fitted, adjust it, and then cement it to the bridge to prepare the teeth. This type of bridge is permanent and it can only be taken out from your mouth with the dentist’s help.

What materials are used in a bridge?

Bridges are made from metal, ceramics, or a combination of the two. Your dentist will talk with you about the materials which are best for your situation.

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