Tooth Coloured Braces

Perfect Tooth-colored braces

Modern dental practices and orthodontic procedures provide a wide range of aesthetic cosmetic dentistry treatment which are affordable and comfortable. Tooth-colored braces are fitted in front of the teeth as opposed to Incognito hidden braces which are specialized braces that are fitted behind the teeth. 

The ceramic braces are clear and can easily blend with the teeth color which makes them easily visible. The brackets are stain-resistant and oral hygiene which can be maintained easily as they are slightly smaller. The ceramic bracket will fix the teeth in the right position and this increases the patient’s confidence. 

Fixing tooth-colored Braces

The braces are fixed using wires which help to make the teeth aligned. During the procedure of tooth-colored braces in India, the orthodontic dentist will apply chemicals on the teeth. After applying the teeth, it will be wiped and dried completely. 

Once this is done, each tooth will be glued and a thin wire is threaded through each block. The positioning is made with the tiny clear elastic. Throughout the entire treatment, the wires will progress and this results in a new position. 

What happens after the treatment?

After the treatment, you need to return to the doctor to check the wire tightness and how much the teeth are positioned following 5 or 7 months. The patient can experience pain following normal treatment. The doctor will make the necessary adjustments if required. The doctor can prescribe you medications to relieve pain and this goes away in a few days. You can experience discomfort but the colored braces will create an aesthetic appearance. Within a few weeks, you will be 

What is the cost of tooth-colored braces?

The tooth-colored braces are affordable and they are maintained easily. The cost of the treatment is going to depend on the patient’s condition and according to the rate of misalignment. 

By processing the dental appointment, additional forces with a clear elastic band are needed which increases the cost. The procedure is extremely cost-effective and the patient can get the results they want. 

Get benefit with tooth-colored braces at Soni Dental Hospital

  • Natural appearance
  • Straighten the teeth
  • Correct your bite
  • Maintain self-confidence
  • Easily adjustable

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