Gum Reshaping


Teeth are not the only thing that is going to make you smile but even the gums play an essential role. Soni Dental Hospital is the best dental solution to your dental issues. Our doctors are highly trained and experienced in giving the treatment with improved methods. We offer pain-free laser dentistry which helps the person to get quick and efficient results. 

We use the powerful and latest laser system to remove the excess gum tissues which help in giving balanced and natural results. The gum contouring surgery is also called tissue sculpting or gum reshaping. 

Indications for Gum Contouring Procedure

  • Teeth that appear too short or too square
  • Excessive gum on display when smiling (so-called ‘gummy smile’)
  • Teeth with gum recession
  • Uneven gum line
  • Teeth with gum disease
  • Gaps between the teeth that will be closed with cosmetic dentistry

What are the treatment options for gum disease?

Scaling and Polishing (Teeth Cleaning)

It is important to remove plaque and calculus for better teeth health. You need to consult a healthcare professional for cleaning the teeth. 

Scaling and polishing are professional methods to remove plaque that takes the form of tartar. By scheduling the regular check-up with your dentist 2 times a year, this condition can be treated before it becomes a serious condition. 

Our healthcare professional uses the ultrasonic device to remove plaque, food debris, and tartar. It makes the teeth surface smooth and disease-free. 

Deep Scaling

Deep cleaning is recommended by the dentist to prevent the progression of gum disease. It takes away the bacteria present in the pickets and helps a road to a smooth recovery. This procedure is done under local anesthesia so that the patient feels comfortable. 

Flap surgery

Flap surgery is also known as pocket reduction surgery. During the procedures, gums are lifted to remove tartar. In some cases, the damaged bone with the irregular surface is going to smoothen out so that bacteria are not formed in the hard to reach areas. The gums are placed back so that tissue fits around the tooth comfortably. The space between gum and tooth is reduced, decreasing the space for bacteria to grow, and you won’t get serious dental issues. 

What are the reasons behind uneven gums?

  • Gum which covers our teeth in excess can make them look small which is due to genetics or taking the medications for a teeth problem. 
  • Gums that are too high and it makes your teeth appear long which is due to gum recession. In this problem, the gum tissues pull back from the teeth and they get exposed to the tooth’s root.

What do you need to know about the gum contouring procedure?

  • The treatment site is numbed with a local anesthetic.
  • A diode laser is then applied to the gum area needing treatment.
  • The tissue and blood vessels that remain are sealed through laser energy thus reducing the risk of bleeding or infection.
  • The patient can leave immediately following the procedure with a new and improved smile.

What are the benefits of laser gum contouring?

The laser gum contouring is the safest method to correct an uneven gum line and revealing each tooth which gives you a brighter smile:

  • The procedure is safe and effective.
  • Painless treatment
  • You get a perfect smile
  • No recovery time required
  • Instant results
  • Fast Treatment – Laser gum contouring takes only one appointment
  • Minimum downtime. 

Consult the experienced dentist

Our dentist is highly aware of the procedure which can correct the problem right away. If you are in doubt or have any question then you should book your appointment with our dentist. The dentist will give you the treatment plan by addressing the problem you have and accordingly tell you what can be done to give you the perfect smile. For more information, book your appointment today only. 

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