Tooth Replacement

Replacing Teeth

Replace the teeth and restore confidence from single implants to bridges and this is the only way you are going to get the results. 

Dental implants

Dental Implants are the latest dental innovation for replacement of one missing tooth or a number of teeth. The dental implant is an artificial titanium screw placed into the jaw directly which acts as a replacement for the natural tooth root.

Implants can help to restore the smile and your quality of life. These are fixed to the jawbone and there is no issue that they can fall out or come loose. They feel and look just like natural teeth. Moreover, these are extremely durable and make it easier to eat and speak. 

Implants can also help to safeguard the overall dental health. If there are missing teeth then it leads to bone loss which you can age the face and coils potentially cause adjacent teeth to get loose. The implants can last for many years and this is great for your oral hygiene. 


  • Bridges is the replacement for one or more missing teeth, this means it will bridge the gap. If you do not have missing teeth then consider this option or if the missing teeth are on one side. The dentist will make sure the patient follows good oral hygiene. 
  • The missing teeth must be replaced. Not only it helps in restoring the appearance but it corrects the bite tissues and the teeth are not going to drift into space. The bridge is going to support the false teeth or tooth. Moreover, this reduces the chances of getting gum disease and tooth decay. 
  • The bridge is made up of 2 or more crowns that are going to fit the teeth which are present on either side of the gap. The treatment is best because it serves the purpose of false teeth or teeth which are going to be fitted in between. 
  • The bridge is made from porcelain fused to metal, zirconia or bruxzir. Experts at Soni Dental Hospital and implant centre will guide you the best possible treatment options for you. 


Dentures are removable frames that hold the artificial teeth and this replaces the single tooth or might be the entire set of teeth. The functioning of teeth is improved along with teeth’ natural appearance and this will increase the person’s confidence. These are durable and long-lasting options for the patients. 

For more information, book your consultation with the dentist and get the best treatment plan.

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