What is meant by black teeth? What are its symptoms, treatment, and causes?

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What is meant by black teeth? What are its symptoms, treatment, and causes?

  • February 4, 2021


Basics of Black Teeth

Black teeth are a major concern for many people. The problem is likely to affect your smile and impact your overall confidence. If you have black teeth, then this blog will uncover everything about this condition i.e. symptoms to treatment. The best possible treatment plan is formulated by a well-known dentist in Ludhiana. Visiting the top-rated dental clinic in Ludhiana will help you understand the reason behind the same and which treatment will be the best.

Causes of the back tooth

Well! There is not just one reason which can make your teeth go black. It might be something simple to the tooth death which results in darkening and blackness.

Poor oral hygiene

If your oral care regime is not proper then the teeth will go black. If you consume tobacco, strong colored food, and red wine then will stain the teeth. If your oral hygiene is not enough to take away the acidic bacteria then the tooth will be impacted by acid.

Tooth decay looks like black and it gives the appearance of a black tooth. With this, your teeth will not look the best for a long period.

Tooth death

Tooth death results in affecting the blood supply and its healthy color will be impacted. As the tooth is not able to get the nutrients correctly, it will get dark, die, necrotizing, or go back.

Is it true after the root canal the tooth will go black?

One of the misconceptions is that a black tooth is a reason you get a root canal. Before the root canal, the tooth rots and it gets decomposed on the inside. Getting the treatment from an experienced dentist means, the decomposed tissue is removed and blackness will not get worse. Ask your dentist about which material will be used and how it can be beneficial for your situation.

How long does it take to notice black teeth?

If the black tooth is due to tooth decay, then it will happen in years. If the blackness has occurred due to trauma, and the blood supply is not reaching the tooth, then internal tissue will die and your teeth become black.

Will dead teeth go black?

If the dead tooth is not treated, the internal tooth tissue will die and will decompose. If the dead tooth root is not treated then the tooth will get slightly black.

Can a chipped tooth become black?

If the chip is just only in the outer layer, then you won’t see it getting black. You should not consult the dentist right away, just make sure that you book the appointment at the earliest to discuss how you can get it corrected.

On the other hand, if the chip passes through the enamel, then to the dentine, and reaching the pulp, the problem will be painful. Through the chip, you may notice blood. If you do not get the treatment on time, it will be painful, the tooth will die, and finally, it gets black. You must consult the dentist as early as possible.