What are the most common dental issues and effective steps to prevent them?

What are the most common dental issues and effective steps to prevent them?
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What are the most common dental issues and effective steps to prevent them?

  • March 8, 2021


A smile is one of the most important features for most of us. To get that perfect smile, we will visit the best dentist in Ludhiana to understand what we can do. The best answer for this situation is to keep a check on our oral health and hygiene. If by chance you are having any issues then without any delay you should visit the best dental clinic in Ludhiana. However, it is our negligence that we face various dental issues and these include the following:

  • Tooth decay and cavity

Cavities are the areas that get damaged permanently and result in tiny holes. This problem is common in infants. The problem happens as the plague starts building up on the teeth. Due to this, the protective layer will start to get affected. The food we consume will result in problems. Make sure to consult the dentist if you notice these symptoms sensitivity, tooth stains, pain while biting, sudden pain when you eat or drink, or teeth have visible holes.

How to prevent cavities?

  • Avoid high sugar content
  • Brush your teeth properly
  • Increase water consumption
  • Rinse your mouth
  • Do not miss any dental visit
  • Gum disease

Gum disease is one of the most common dental problems. You must get the treatment on time, otherwise, it can lead to serious issues, which can make your teeth fall out. Some of the notable signs of gum disease are bleeding gums, swollen, tender, or red gums, bad breaths, loose teeth, or pus development.

How to prevent gum disease?

This condition can also be prevented and you need to follow a good oral care routine. You must brush your teeth 2 times a day. Make sure to follow a good oral routine from the start as it will benefit you in your old age.

  • Bad breath

Bad breath is an embarrassing situation and its other term is halitosis. Research has shown that bad breath is experienced by 85% of people and this is because of the dental issues they have.

How to prevent bad breath?

Certain spicy foods increase the likelihood of bad breath. If you are eating excess garlic then your breath can get impacted. You should keep a bottle of mouthwash with you if you can’t brush right after the meal.

  • Dry mouth

Dry mouth is also termed Xerostomia and in this condition, the saliva glands are not able to produce saliva to keep the mouth moist. In the saliva, there are antibacterial properties that help in keeping the plaque off from the tooth surface.

How to prevent dry mouth?

With this condition, you need to drink water in excess so that it is hydrated.

  • Tooth crowding

Tooth crowding is not the only dental issue and this can trigger alignment problems that damage the jaw. If the misalignment is resulting in jaw issues then surgery is needed.

How to prevent teeth crowding?

Tooth crowding needs to be fixed by performing length treatment. Braces can also be suggested in this condition. In some cases, extraction is also suggested so that there is enough room for tooth adjustment.