How to prepare your child if they are scared & denying to visit a dentist?

How to prepare your child if they are scared & denying to visit a dentist?
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How to prepare your child if they are scared & denying to visit a dentist?

  • February 26, 2021


As we know, the visit to the dentist is not a pleasing one because no matter how tenderly the dentist would treat you but the procedures are bad they would not be changing their nature for the sake of your comfort. The grown-up individuals no doubt know the importance of visiting the dentist at the required time. To take the children to the dentist is especially tedious when they have engraved some assumptions in their mind. According to a dentist in Ludhiana of a reputable dental clinic in Ludhiana, the parents are highly accountable for creating a positive pre-visit experience among their children.

  • Do not share the negative experience

Everyone goes to the dentist at least once in the whole life span. But some might find that visit pleasing while others do not. The experience of a visit to a dentist completely depends on which doctor have you visited and which dental disease is to be treated. But it is customarily found out that the parents are inclined to share the exact experience of their dental visits with their children which if it is negative tends to create a considerably bad effect on the mind of their children. So if your experiences are negative do never share them with your kids.

  • Use appreciating words

Do not use words that do not appreciate the visit to a dentist like scary, painful, time-consuming, bad, worse, etc. You should use the terms which on hearing the child feels like going to the dentist. Like you could tell your kid that today we are going to

  • Strengthen your teeth
  • Incorporate superpowers in your teeth
  • Test how strong you are
  • Test how brave you are
  • Test Have you grown up?

On hearing the pleasing and challenging terms, the children will naturally get excited to accept the challenge and win the rewards.

  • Education
  • You should not make your children believe in false assumptions of the visit to a dentist.
  • You are also suggested to tell your children the indispensability of dental care. You can make them think about how they would emerge if they are not maintaining oral care.
  • Make your child understand what will be the negative consequences of not visiting a dentist.
  • Do not scold

Scolding is believed to produce insignificant and negative effects on the psychology of the children because psychologically the children are very sensitive. When they grow up, they would condemn you for scolding them or getting scared from visiting the dentist. So being parents you should think about the long term. There is no point in scolding the child if he does not feel like going to the dentist. It is the responsibility of the parents to make the kid understand that there is no need to fear, rather it will be fun visiting the doctor aunt or uncle.

  • Takeaway

Children are very sensitive to their fears. Being parents we should handle them sensitively otherwise the fears would get engrossed in them.