What are the different dental emergencies?

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What are the different dental emergencies?

  • January 6, 2021


What is the implication of the term ‘Dental Emergency’?


Dental Emergency is something that takes place when one is suffering from severe dental pain and he is finding it difficult to get it fixed on his own. In such cases, the patient may experience an unconscious state. That is why a consultation with a dentists in Ludhiana is the need of that hour. Dental Clinic in Ludhiana can aid patients to get rid of the pain caused by the following problems.

  • Fractured Tooth

It usually takes place among children who do not take precautionary measures while playing. Children may end up fracturing a part of or whole of their tooth. In such cases, some necessary care measures must be taken into consideration before reaching the doctor. If one is facing acute (severe) pain then assistance of a cold compress or ice pack should be taken. If one has gotten the fragment or portion of the broken tooth, then try to fix it back in the socket according to a designed procedure. If you are failing to do that. Do not attempt again and again. Just put the fragment or portion in a container which ought to be clean and filled with saline water or cold milk.

  • Abscesses

Abscesses is the complication which originates out of the bacterial infections. Because of the deposited bacteria, one may encounter several problems. First and foremost being the acute pain which one finds tough to resist.

  • Dental decay

Dental Decay takes place owing to maintaining perpetual poor oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene involves:

  • Not brushing teeth for the required time.
  • Leaving some area of the tooth unbrushed.
  • Not gargling mouth after each meal.
  • Not brushing teeth for days.
  • Consumption of those food items which may cause tooth decay
  • Infected Root Canals

If one has already gone through any kind of treatment regarding the tooth canal and that is creating problems in your teeth. This generally is indicated by the pain which one is experiencing particularly in that area. In that case, one should consult the same dentist who has previously treated that particular problem.

  • Teeth Grinding

This problem relates to the constant grinding of teeth during sleeping time. This usually leads to the consequence of a snapped chip. Snapped chip results in the pain in:

  • Neck
  • Face
  • Teeth
  • Ear
  • Shoulder
  • Sinus Related Tooth Pain

If one is experiencing constant inflammation in one’s gum area. This problem is usually associated with the Sinus. It gives that kind of pain that can make an individual get faint.

  • Worn Tooth Enamel

This complication can be defined as the wearing away of the upper layer of the teeth. It makes one’s teeth sensitive to cold, hot, and chilly because it reveals the nerves by eroding the surface layer.