What is Tooth sensitivity? What are the best treatment options for sensitive teeth?

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What is Tooth sensitivity? What are the best treatment options for sensitive teeth?

  • December 26, 2020


What is Tooth Sensitivity?

Do you feel discomfort or pain, when you have a cold or hot and drink or when you floss & brush the teeth? In some cases, people have sensitive teeth, but if you drink, eat, and daily oral care is causing the pain. This is one of the signs that something is happening wrong.

A dentist can help you tell what is the reason behind tooth sensitivity. The treatment and lifestyle changes are suggested so that the effect is reduced. You must visit the best dental clinic which helps you understand the best treatment plan for your condition.


What is the reason my teeth feel sensitive?

Tooth sensitivity is also referred to as dentin hypersensitivity which might happen gradually or suddenly. The problem might be chronic or mild which affects just one tooth or sometimes several teeth can be affected in the mouth. Sensitive teeth can occur due to the stimuli of:

  • Breathing cold air
  • Use of mouthwash
  • Consumption of cold, hot, acidic, or sweet food.

All the teeth are sensitive to some extent but the enamel or hard external layer is going to reduce sensitivity, which allows us to enjoy drink & food at different temperatures.



What are the reasons behind tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity can occur due to different reasons. In some cases, people have sensitive teeth. Some of the common reasons behind sensitivity are:

  • Tooth erosion due to the consumption of drink and food.
  • Teeth have cracks and chips
  • Brushing aggressively or use of a toothbrush with hard bristles.
  • Clenching or teeth grinding.
  • Damaged filling, dental crowns, or other dental work might result in an issue.
  • Teeth clenching or teeth grinding.
  • Cosmetic treatment results in side-effects.


What is the treatment option for sensitive teeth?

When you book your consultation with the dentist you will be asked about tooth sensitivity. He is going to check for the symptoms to check the teeth and gums. During the treatment, X-rays are done which helps to check the reason for sensitivity which is not able to be seen with the naked eyes. The treatment suggestion is going to depend on what is causing tooth sensitivity. The dentist also checks how many teeth are affected. Some of the treatment options are:

  • Placing a filling, dental crown, or other restoration.
  • Visiting the dentist to get a hygiene appointment.
  • You need to have a daily oral care routine.
  • Root canal therapy helps to treat infected teeth.
  • Bruxism treatment helps to reduce teeth grinding.
  • Gum disease treatment


How to avoid tooth sensitivity?

You need to brush and floss with the use of a soft toothbrush & you should use fluoride toothpaste. You need to limit the consumption of sugar and acidic drinks. While playing sports you should wear a sports mouthguard.