What do you need to know about bad breath diagnosis and treatment plans?

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What do you need to know about bad breath diagnosis and treatment plans?

  • December 15, 2020



Your dentist is going to smell the breath from the mouth and from the nose which helps to check the odor level. Mostly, the back of the tongue is from where the smell comes and the dentist is going to scrape it and check the odor level. These are the things that help to check the chemicals which triggered bad breath. If you are suffering from bad breath or any other dental issue, then make sure to visit the best dental clinic for effective diagnosis and treatment.

What do you need to know about the treatment plan?

To reduce bad breath, cavities need to be avoided and the risk of gum disease needs to be lowered. Make sure to follow good oral hygiene. Additional treatment will depend on what is causing the issue. In case, the bad breath is caused by an underlying health issue, then you will be told accordingly what should be done.

The dentist will give the treatment plan, depending on oral health, and ensure that the problem is controlled on time. Some of the essential dental measures which should be a part of your daily life are:

  • Buy quality mouth rinse and toothpaste 

If the reason behind bad breath is plaque (buildup of bacteria) on the teeth, then the dentist will suggest you the mouth rinse to get rid of that bacteria. In some cases, the dentist can suggest toothpaste that has antibacterial properties to kill the harmful bacteria which creates problems.

  • Dental treatment 

If you are diagnosed with periodontitis (gum disease) then you need to consult a gum specialist. Gum disease will cause the gums to start pulling away from teeth which leave deep pockets that are filled with bad odor. In some cases, the professionals suggest cleaning so that bacteria can be taken away. If there is tooth restoration or faulty teeth that need to be replaced then treatment is suggested accordingly.

What are the helpful lifestyle and home remedies?

  • Brush the teeth after you eat 

Once you have eaten the meal make sure to keep a toothbrush. You need to use a toothpaste that contains fluoride and brush 2 times a day. Research has shown that toothpaste that has antibacterial properties is going to reduce the odor issue.

  • Flossing is important 

You need to floss at once a day as it helps in removing the plaque and food particles which controls the issue of bad breath.

  • Brush the tongue 

Your tongue can have a build-up of bacteria as it helps to reduce odor. People who have coated tongue will have significant growth of bacteria. You should use the tongue scraper or use a toothbrush.

  • Avoid dry mouth 

Avoid tobacco, and drink plenty of water as it keeps the mouth moist. You need to limit the consumption of alcohol, soft drinks, or coffee. Chew gum or candy as it helps to keep the saliva production proper. If you have problems with saliva production then make sure to consult the dentist.