What all do you need to know about underground tooth decay treatment in India?

tooth decay treatment in India
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What all do you need to know about underground tooth decay treatment in India?

  • December 10, 2020



Bad oral hygiene results in gum disease. It is referred to as the disease when the bacteria which reside in the space between the teeth and gums are infected. If the infection is not treated one time then it can result in a condition which is referred to as periodontitis. If you are having problems with your dental health then make sure to consult the dentist at the best dental clinic to improve your condition completely.

   What are dental cavities?

If you do not brush your teeth on time and regularly then it increases the chances of cavities. These are the decayed part of the teeth which are formed due to acids and bacteria. It is going to appear in black specks or brownish-black color and the food lodgement in these cavities are the common issue.


How a cavity is formed on the teeth?

One of the major reasons for the oral cavity is not taking proper care of your teeth. If you do not brush and floss on time, the soft food items are going to be in touch with the teeth. They are going to produce acids which impact the tooth enamel and lead to cavity formation. If you do not take proper care on time, then the entire tooth structure will be impacted. In many cases, the entire tooth is impacted.


How is a dental cavity diagnosed by the dentist?

The dental specialist is going to identify the root cause of the issue by:

  • The doctor will gather some information about the tooth torment and affectability.
  • It is important to check the teeth and mouth.
  • The teeth should be explained with dental instruments to check the delicate areas.


What is the treatment for dental cavities?

Dental cavities should be given treatment as soon as the problem is diagnosed. Timely treatment is going to prevent the problem from getting worse. Make sure the doctor you are choosing is qualified and you should not try to do home remedies without consulting the doctor.

  • Tooth filling

The most basic and early-stage for dental treatment is tooth filling. During this process, the dentist is going to take the affected and decayed part of the teeth so that it can be cleaned. After that, the dentist will place the tooth filling material which helps in restoring the function, structure, strength, and teeth appearance.

  • Composite is the main material

Dental filling materials are the tooth-colored filling materials which are known as composites. Before the treatment advanced, the filling materials of gold and silver were used.


What if the problem has reached the advanced stage?

In case the problem has reached the advanced stage then you need to get another cavity treatment which requires the tooth’s pulp tissue which contains the blood vessels and nerves. The decayed part of the tooth is removed and the tooth will be given support.


How can you prevent dental cavities?

For that, you need to make sure you are following a proper oral care routine. Make sure to visit the dentist on time so that the problem can be prevented. Also, you need to limit the consumption of sugary food as they affect the teeth.